Exhibition Registration System plays a very vital role in planning an Exhibition. Through our system, Organizer is able to access Information of the Past Exhibition and get details of the Exhibitors and Visitors. All this Information can be used for Marketing and Sales Plans.

The Organizer here, get tools to design customized Registration Theme for every event. Organizer can have an Organised and Professional way of handling Visitors. Exhibition Visitor Management Software for Organizer gives option of taking Online Registrations to have control on crowd in Peak Rush Hours. 

Following is the Pre Exhibition Flow of the Visitor Management System as per the Requirement of the Organizer

  • Organizer can Set Exhibition Logo.
  • Design Registration Form / badges.
  • Create / Allocate Stalls to the Exhibitors.
  • Online Links are set to take Online Registration of the Visitors.
  • Send Invitations to the Visitors Through the Past Data.
  • Send Personalized invitations to the Exhibitors of Other Sector.
  • Exhibitor can also send Customized / Personalized  E- Mails to Past Stall Visitors.
  • Customized Emails can be designed to be Automatically fired at end of each day.
  • A Dedicated team of professional are assigned to take care of the Registration Process. 

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