Benefits of  Visitor Registration System to Organizers

  • Through Visitor Registration System Organizer gains Benefits of designing customized Registration Forms, Stalls and create Exhibition according to their requirements. Can get Data of the past Exhibitions which will increase the focus upon Stalls’ Prospects and Sponsors. 
  • Efficient and professional Registration process with badge printing for visitor will save your time and efforts to maintain all the Registration hand Written Data in Soft Copy at the very 1st stage.
  • Thank you emails sent to all visitors on the day following their visit to the exhibition.
  • At the end of the exhibition, the Organizer would have the data of the Visitors in an Excel file that can be used for Analysis and promotion of future exhibitions.
  • In Exhibition/Event Management System Organizer can also have better understanding of the Visitors Visited, tracking the list if required, Better Data Sharing Process, Better Data Integration, Improved Decision making based on this data.
  • We would be happy to provide service of analyzing the data and/or sending email invitations for the next exhibition. 

Benefits of  Visitor Registration System to Exhibitors

  • Exhibitor can Improve the Sales persons productivity where they can have all their concentration on discussion with the visitors.
  • Exhibition Visitor Registration System helps Organizer to have Efficient follow up including immediate Customized Thank-You emails.
  • Once the Exhibitor is sure about his data he can immediately have efficient monitoring on the post exhibition actions plans. 
  • Higher sales, Better Decision can be based on Data Collected, Better Marketing Plan and Best Profits.
  • Better return on investment in participation in the exhibition.

It is critical to understand and define why the process of onsite registration or pre-registration is put in place and the badges issued are as critical. The objective and purpose of issuing badges needs to be thought through.

To us the process of registration is to capture visitor contact information, understand his/hers interest in the exhibition and get additional information from the visitor to understand and predict future trends of the industry. And the badge issued is to help the exhibitor identify so as to better his interaction with the visitor or in case of a conference the badges help delegates identify each other for better networking. Now that the principal objectives are defined one then adds barcode, smart card to track repeat visitors, aide exhibitor capture visitor information better.