How to Choosing an Exhibition Visitor Management System

How do you know who is in your facility? A good Exhibition Visitor Management System, or VMS, helps you: sign in visitors, provide identification for them to wear, keep track of them during their visit, and keep a record of their visit.

What follows are four basic criteria that most organizers care about when researching a visitor management system.

Degree of security:

An Exhibition Visitor Management System is only part of the overall Registration System. So it helps to consider what you want out of it in the context of your overall Registration strategy. For purposes of this article, when we say “Registration ,” we are referring to what’s known as personalized Registration form with badge printing on site. That said, a VMS can do only so much, but some systems do more than others.

Ease of Use:

Generally, the ease of using an Exhibition Visitor Management System is directly related to the Degree of detailed information one can register and store during the Registration process. If you want your VMS to store the database generated during a day to the Cloud services, and send Personalized Automated Emails to the Visitors at the end of day. Then all this facilities are just a click away.


This is probably an unfair question, but what is Exhibition Visitor Management System worth to you? So many organizers say they can’t afford a visitor management system. But as soon as they understand the importance of the Information generated during an Exhibition then it becomes more of a priority.

In the scheme of things, visitor management is “soft” security. It likely won’t prevent an armed intruder from wreaking havoc. But it provides other benefits:

  • Encouraging visitors to check in at the Registration

  • Allowing the Reception to authorize visits

  • Exhibitor can Instantly capture the Visitor’s data together with the action plan through Mobile Device

  • Helps access Past Exhibitors data, Know which Exhibitors are Missing from your Reach, for Sales of Exhibition Space and Sponsorship Purposes


As you probably already know, there needs to be a balance of the various criteria you are considering for your Exhibition Visitor Management System. Speed is a good example. How quickly do you need to be able to sign visitors in to your Exhibition? Do you entertain a lot of visitors during an Exhibition? If so, how do you register everyone completely without creating a long line of people at the front desk waiting to be processed? Fortunately, there are ways to sign in your Visitors, with either a manual or electronic solution, that are both thorough and quick.

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