Event Registration System/ Visitor Management System helps Organizers in speedy registration process capable of catering to peak Rush Hour crowd. Past Visitor registration information will be utilized to speed up Registration process. Online registration Badge will be printed out for the Visitors.

Sales person operating Stalls, can quickly record potential enquiry information through Own Mobile / Tablets along with action plan & target date. Here he may not require to accept Visitor’s Name and other information, all that can be done only through the Registration Number on the Visitors Badge. Through Event Registration System/ Visitor Management System the Exhibitor  is able to give more time to the Visitors of the stall. The Visitors are relieved of boring and repetitive activity of filling up Visitor Form at every stall visited.

Visitors have good interaction time since no need to divulge personal identity information at each stall. Exhibitors can have more Organized Information Tracking which can be later transferred for CRM activities to have focused post exhibition plans.

Event Registration System/ Visitor Management System Provide you with Trained staff for Registration desk, with Laptops and Printers Connected. The Laptops are also connected to Database Servers to keep the data safe. At the end of the day Visitors receive Customized Emails from Organizer and the Exhibitor. For an Exhibitor the E-Mails will be sent to People who visited his stalls. The database at the end of the day is transferred to the Cloud, to keep it secure for the Organizer.  

Process Flow- Organizer

Process Flow- Exhibitor