Exhi-Vis provides convenience and benefits to all the Organizer, Exhibitors  and Visitors


Make Doing Business Easier! Exhibition Visitor System enables you have Customized Visitor Registration Process, Visitor Badge etc. The Pre Exhibition Features helps you get Past Exhibitors data, Know which Exhibitors are Missing from your Reach, for Sales of Exhibition Space and Sponsorship Purposes. Online Registration helps in Avoiding Long Queues of Visitors awaiting Registration.

Our System is Flexible Enough to have Fast Data Capture (with printing of badges), Immediate, Correct data capturing even in Peak Rush Hours. During Exhibition  an Exhibitor can Instantly capture the Visitor’s data together with the action plan through Mobile Device, thereby avoiding Manual Recording. Visitor gets focused attention of the Exhibitor and get Maximum Information Desired .

Using the Post Exhibition  data, carry out email campaigns to contact the prospective Exhibitors for participation and visitors for the footfall. The Post Exhibition data generated can be linked with the CRM Process and through it Visitors can avail timely action on the promises made by the Exhibitors visited.

Data Security and Performance

Data access is controlled by Role ensuring access by the authorized persons only. High and consistent system performance will prevent breakdown situation through (WiFi, LAN, Internet). 

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