Visitor Registration Management System provides following Features

Through Visitor Registration Badges and immediate data backup services, an Organizer  can download data of the visitors in an Excel file or CRM to have it saved for future reference. The Organizer can plan his post exhibition Marketing plans based on the data he collected during Registration and in ready to consume format.  The Organizer also gets access to Exhibitors data for his next event for Stalls or Sponsorship. He will be Empowered to send Customized Emails to his Exhibitors and Visitors to keep them informed about his upComing events and Exhibitions.

Through Visitor Registration Badges system Exhibitors can also send Customized Thank You Mails to the Visitors of his Stall. The Data generated Post Exhibition, of the stall visitors can also be extracted and saved in the database of the Exhibitor. Immediate Follow up process can be started and delegation of work can also be done. Mailer Campaigns can be done to keep the people informed and aware of the upcoming schemes and discounts. 

Exhibitor can get better returns on investment in participating in the exhibition. He can have more focused and realistic Pipeline based on the Information.

Visitor will get Timely action on the promises made by the Exhibitors visited. They feel good to be updated about up coming exhibitions and conferences through Mails.