Registration Process

Exhibition Registration Process: 

  • We will provide highly trained and experienced Professionals and the hardware like  laptops etc connected to a PC server (registration server). There would be a printer (inkjet) connected to the laptops. PC Server will hold the database server and Web Site which is being used by all the registration laptops.
  • The visitor will fill up the visitor form and submit. The Staff will enter the name and the mobile no. into the Laptop and print out the Registration badge, insert in a plastic cover and hand over to the visitor. On the registration form the receptionist will write the Ref. no. displayed on the screen while printing the badge and keep the form in the out tray of that station.
  •  The data capture team sitting behind will pick up the form and capture rest of the details provided in the form using the Ref. No as the ID. Data of forms will be captured within 1-2 hour of being filled and definitely before the end of the day.
  • The badge will contain name of the Visitor, Ref. No. in bold and Bar code.

NOTE*** In Registration Process the Facility for online registration is also built-in, on successful online registration a registration ID will be flashed on screen. Visitor will have to provide the registration ID at registration desk to get the registration badge printed.