What role Social Media Plays to promote your Exhibition?

There’s lots of pontificating about how great social media is when it comes to events. But the truth is, social media is drastically underused, and, in many cases incorrectly managed. However, with event planners increasingly expected to do more with less, and technology delivering more and more business benefits, social media should be a key weapon in every Exhibition professional’s armoury.

The great thing about social media is that the size of your event doesn’t dictate the level of success you can achieve by incorporating social. Whether you’re organizing a networking event with a hundred industry professionals or a music festival with thousands of attendees, social media can help you get the word out and connect with your audience. To achieve your goals, you should have an Exhibition marketing strategy planned for before, during, and after the Exhibition. Here’s how you can leverage the benefits of social media every step of the way.

How to use social media at your events?

  • Think of a unique, short, memorable branded hashtag.

  • Make a social media promotion plan

  • Highlight guests of honour

  • Promote social media content offline

  • Schedule Tweets for the day of the event

  • Use targeted ads

  • Social media campaigns for ticket giveaways

  • Monitor and engage with attendees on social media

  • After the Event tell a story with social media

  • Ask attendees to rate your performance

  • Analyze your own social media performance

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